Next Steps

Ready to make TWBC your church home? Become a member through Next Steps!

What is Next Steps?

If you're wanting to become a member here at The Way Bible Church, or get plugged in to Team TWBC to serve, it's time for you to attend Next Steps!

Next Steps is the avenue through which you will learn about TWBC, yourself, and how to find your place of fulfillment. In Next Steps, we will show you how important you are to us and to the Kingdom regardless of your past, race, gender, cultural or denominational differences.

We have found that when we act out of obligation rather than our God-given personality traits, it’s easy to miss the mark. So, we have developed a way to help you discover who you are and how you will fit in to all that God is doing through The Way Bible Church. Attending Next Steps will both inform and prepare you to receive fulfillment as you enter this new journey with us.

Before you join our next scheduled session, start by watching the Overview Video, reading The Way's Statement of Faith information, and completing all of the required "homework".

Ready to take your Next Step?

Questions? Contact Pastor Damon Wilks for assistance. We're here to support you!