Next Steps

Next Steps is the avenue through which you will learn about TWBC, and how to find your place here!

What is Next Steps?

If you are wanting to become a member here at TWBC, or get plugged in to Team TWBC to serve, then we ask that you attend Next Steps.

Next Steps is the avenue through which you will learn about TWBC, yourself, and how to find your place of fulfillment. In Next Steps, we will show you how important you are to us and to the Kingdom regardless of your past, race, gender, cultural or denominational differences.

We have found that when we act out of obligation rather than our God given personality traits, it’s easy to miss the mark. So, we have developed a way to help you discover who you are and how you will fit in to all that God is doing through The Way Bible Church. Attending Next Steps will both inform and prepare you to receive fulfillment as you enter this new journey with us.

How It Works?

If you are wanting to become a member and get involved here at TWBC, we require all members to complete Next Steps. We have changed how to do Next Steps, once you fill out a card or follow the link below you will be emailed the “homework”. It contains a Video on TWBC’s Statement of Faith by Pastor Joel, an introduction to TWBC Staff, Personality Test, Spiritual Gift Assessment, and the Information Packet. 

  • Your packet can be complete within an hour or at your leisure.
  • Once completed, you submit those forms, then Pastor Damon will contact you and schedule you in the Next Steps Session.
  • Next Steps sessions will allow you to hear all about your personality traits, as well as the many areas to plug into here at TWBC.
  • You will find out how Groups work, find how to get plugged into Team TWBC and serve in areas, based on YOUR decision and desire for certain areas. (We will never have you attend a Group or serve somewhere that you do not choose). 

Sessions are monthly and occur during the 9am Service in the Conference Room in TWBC’s South Building. All Next Steps sessions are during first service (9am) and childcare is provided. This will allow you to attend second service at 10:45am. 

Feel free to contact Pastor Damon Wilks with any questions you may have.

Find your WHY: God is your WHY

  • Your WHY for joining TWBC, serving, fellowshipping or doing a project has to be from a son/daughter aspect to God in order to remain fulfilled.
  • The day you begin to serve for a Pastor, Leader, or Friend is the day you will begin to lose sight of your WHY. Your identity must be placed in Him.
  • Your WHY, if given to God, will always make sense. It will not be chaotic, unfruitful, obligatory, awkward or take a toll on you.

Find your HOW: Your Gifts and Personality are your HOW

  • Nobody can do you the way you do you!
  • The Kingdom needs you, not who you think others want to see.
  • The Body needs your uniqueness, personality, gifts and talents.
  • Only you can reach your individual world, and that is why you are so important to the Kingdom.

Find your PLACE: TWBC and its many GroupLife and Service opportunities are your PLACE

  • We want you to fit in with where you are called to be, not where you are forced to be.
  • We want to see you flourish in a leading out in areas, but you being at home at TWBC is just as important to us. Maybe you just want to rest for a season before diving into Serving within the Church--we understand!
  • We want you to find “your” PLACE within TWBC, not just where you can be used.
  • Your PLACE must be comfortable yet stretching and that’s our goal for you as you move into this Season here at TWBC.