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Sign Up for Kids' Camp

Sign up for kids camp TODAY!

Details about Kids' Camp

  • When: July 13-16
  • Location: Texas Women's University in Denton, TX
  • Total Fee: $300
  • Deposit TODAY: $50

STEP 1: Register

NOTE: You MUST complete Steps 1 AND 2 to complete your registration! Fill out the form below and click SUBMIT. Then, read through Step 2 and click pay!

STEP 2: Payment

IMPORTANT: If you want to pay with cash, see Mrs. Rachael, Pastor Hunter, or someone at The Hub to help you with your cash transaction and sign up.

  1. Click the button below to start the payment process
  2. Your amount to deposit will be $50
  3. For the fund, click "TWBC Kids' Camp"
  4. Choose "Just this once"
  5. Choose "today" for the "when?" question - or if you'd like to schedule your payment, you can also do that
  6. Choose either "credit card" or "bank account"