A Matter of Trust

We have been called to walk closely with the Creator of the universe and rely fully on the Holy Spirit. It is all a matter of trust. Trust in Him as he calls us to be the light of the world.


God is generous! We are stewards of God’s generous gifts! But in order to connect God’s amazing generosity with our responsibility requires FAITH! Many if not most of the teaching of Jesus aimed at increasing our faith. Our passage today can help us identify if we truly are living and giving in faith.


Life is full of acquired tastes. While some are best left alone, others can be a source of great joy! For many the Gospel (good news) of Jesus Christ is an acquired taste. At first it may “taste” negative, especially the part about our need for salvation from our sin. But soon a sweet taste takes over as we experience the joy of living by faith in His grace. This is Gospel Joy!