Posted by Jeff Tiemeyer on Oct 13, 2019

Stranger Things — Ears That See - Eyes That Hear

Daily Devotionals

Monday, October 14

Mark 4:11-12

11 And he said to them, “To you has been given the secret of the kingdom of God, but for those outside everything is in parables, 12 so that, “‘they may indeed see but not perceive, and may indeed hear but not understand, lest they should turn and be forgiven.’”

What if hearing from God has to do more with seeing than the physical act of listening?  As a believer, what you are able to perceive in the spiritual has tremendous impact upon what you accomplish with your life in the physical realm.  Perception is more than simply hearing or seeing, it involves both of these senses working together.  For instance, if you’ve ever had someone describe a scenic place that they visited while on a vacation you can get and idea of the beauty they had witnessed. But if you had been there as well and actually seen it yourself, you would have a much better perception of what they were describing to you.  The same is true when it comes to spiritual things.  Perception requires you to have a heart that is tender toward the things of God.  For many people, their heart’s lack of sensitivity hinders their perception.  This is what Jesus was talking about in today’s text.  It’s not that He was against them being forgiven, He was simply saying that they lacked sensitivity of heart to receive what He was trying to impart to them.  Do you feel like you have a disconnect when it comes to seeing or hearing the Lord?  Do you feel like you’re only getting part of the picture and it’s leading to frustration?  Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you anything that you have allowed to desensitize your heart toward the Lord.  Something as simple as a religious tradition or misplaced belief can keep you from receiving what the Lord is trying to show you.  Let Him soften and restore the sensitivity of the eyes and ears of your heart so you can receive the amazing and beautiful things that He wants to impart into your life.. - Love and Blessings, Pastor Jeff


Tuesday, October 15

Habakkuk 2:1 

1I will take my stand at my watchpost and station myself on the tower, and look out to see what he will say to me, and what I will answer concerning my complaint. 2And the Lord answered me: “Write the vision; make it plain on tablets, so he may run who reads it.


Vision… It’s something that God has given to everyone but very few take advantage of.  This why those who the church or society see as ‘visionaries’ are quick to obtain a large following.  People need vision.  They need to have something to take hold of that sets them on a course and gives them direction.  Unfortunately, most people fail to put out the effort or take responsibility to obtain the vision the the Lord wants to give them for their lives.  They’re content with sitting back and coasting through life allowing what God has for them to never come to fruition.  If you were to ask them what their calling or assignment is they’ll almost 100% of the time tell you that they are ‘waiting on God’ to give it to them.  The truth of the matter, according to today’s text, is that there is some personal action that needs to be taken before someone receives the vision that the Lord has for them.  Read today’s scripture again and see how many times the Prophet uses the words ‘I’ and  ‘my’.  If you’re serious about receiving the vision and calling that the Lord has for your life, you must position yourself to receive it.  Take your place and posture yourself to see what the Lord is saying to you.  That position, in all likelihood, will start on your knees.  Station yourself in an environment in which your focus and attention are directed to your Father.  He is waiting on you to position yourself and show that you’re ready for Him to impart His plans and purposes into your heart.  Start seeking Him through the the Word, worship, and prayer, then get your pen ready! - Love and Blessings, Pastor Jeff


Wednesday, October 16

Genesis 15:5 (Amplified) 

And the Lord brought Abram outside [his tent into the night] and said, “Look now toward the heavens and count the stars—if you are able to count them.” Then He said to him, “So [numerous] shall your descendants be.”

If you’re at all familiar with the account of Abraham, you know that he is more commonly referred to as ‘Father Abraham’.  This was not the case throughout the majority of Abraham’s life.  His biggest irritation in life was the fact that he was nearly 100 years old and still had no children of his own.  He was very wealthy but had no one to leave all of his wealth and possessions to.  This frustrating fact was the very opportunity that God needed to show Himself faithful to Abraham.  The truth of the matter was that the entire time Abraham was waiting, God was postponing and preparing Him to not only be a father, but to be the patriarch of an entire nation.  A nation that is still in existence to this day and that will go on throughout eternity.  This race, that began with Abraham’s faithfulness, was to be the race through which Jesus would be born into the world.  God took what Abraham saw as his greatest weakness or irritation and turned it into the very thing that Abraham is known for today.  A 100 year old man with a barren 99 year old wife became the parents of what would become God’s chosen people.  What part of your life frustrates you the most?  Where are you the weakest or least productive?  If you’ll submit those areas to God, He will turn them into a testimony of His goodness.  Your greatest irritation is your greatest opportunity.  Like Abraham, you must continue to faithfully follow the leading of the Lord.  He is using every step to prepare and position you to become the steward of something great.  Trust Him.  His heart is for you and the amazing things He has in store for you will be well worth the wait. - Love and Blessings, Pastor Jeff 


Thursday, October 17

Genesis 15:5 (Amplified) And the Lord brought Abram outside [his tent into the night] and said, “Look now toward the heavens and count the stars—if you are able to count them.” Then He said to him, “So [numerous] shall your descendants be.”

Is the canopy of your comfort keeping you from conceiving that which you are to give birth to?  Are you stuck in a place of knowing that God has more for you but you’re afraid to step out of the comfortable place that you’re in right now to get it?  God had to bring Abram out of his tent, his canopy of comfort, so he could see the entirety of what God had for him.  In other words, Abraham wasn’t going to get God’s perspective and see the big picture until stepped out of His comfort zone into a place of complete faith and reliance upon God.  God had to confront his comfort by showing him the creation outside of him, allowing God create something inside of him.  The greatest trap for believer is to have just enough to keep you comfortable but not enough to accomplish your mandate in the Kingdom.  It is like comfort food. You’ll eat just enough to get you through the irritation, not realizing, it is keeping you from the happiness of accomplishing your goals.  Comfort food really isn’t comfort food, it’s complaining food.  The entire time you’re stuffing your face, you’re griping about what you don’t like with your mouth full.  So, the thing you thought was comforting you keeps you trapped in the realm of complaining.  No one, who has ever achieved anything great, has done without some discomfort and risk.  You have to keep your focus on the reward rather than the risks and the ‘what if’s’.  The Lord is constantly calling you out of your tent.  He knows if you’ll let go of the comfortable He can make the vision He has for your life conceivable.  What, or who, are you allowing to hold you back?  Let go!  Let Him bring you from comfort to conception. - Love and Blessings, Pastor Jeff 


Friday, October 18

Psalm 51:10

Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me.

If you ever do a study on King David, you will undoubtedly discover that the Bible says that God called him ‘a man after His own heart’.  Most theologians and experts will argue that it was David’s heart of worship that earned him such an impressive title from God.  While this reasoning may be true in part, it’s far from complete.  David was no stranger to discomfort.  He went from being a lonely shepherd, to a would be king fleeing for his life, to an adulterer, to a murderer, before he would ever be king.  In all of this turmoil and grief, as you can see in today’s scripture reference, He didn’t pray for God to do away with all of his issues and problems like most people would.  Rather, he asked God to change him as opposed to comforting him.  This is no doubt why God spoke of David the way He did.  He knew that if God changed his situation without changing his soul the success of getting out of the situation would fall short.  God is always more interested in your character than your comfort.  He will withhold things from you, even things He wants to give you, if He knows the weight of them could destroy you.  A man or woman after God’s own heart is someone who has heard Him, but is but is willing to wait on Him, even in the absence of comfort.  A mature believer understands that growth takes place during trials.  They understand that while God is not the author of their struggles, He will use them to grow and mature someone into who He has intended for them to become.  Are you in a place where you’re asking God to do away with a struggle instead of asking Him to help you overcome it?  If so, consider a change in your thinking.  Ask Him for strength rather than relief.  Ask for grace to overcome instead of an escape.  Doing so will enable Him to bring you to the next level of faith so you will be strong enough to stand in the position He has waiting for you. - Love and Blessings, Pastor Jeff


Saturday, October 19

John 3:17

For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but in order that the world might be saved through him.

Is there something that you have given permission to in your life, that you have become so comfortable with that it actually resides in a place that belongs to God?  What things do you find the comfort or solace in that you were meant to receive from Him.  Sometimes, comfort isn’t safety, it’s sabotage.  Think about it, when someone wants to set a trap, they bait it with something that the prey desires.  That’s what the enemy will do with those things that you seek for comfort.  He will dangle that food, drink, pill, syringe, porn, or person other than your spouse in front of you in an effort to trap you.  He did the very same thing to Jesus.  Fortunately, Jesus didn’t seek comfort because it would have sabotaged the work of the cross.  What or who have you run to that is keeping you from your Creator?  Has seeking comfort sabotaged your relationship with your Father?  If you’re trapped by things that you’ve allowed to reside in a place in your life where the Lord should be you can turn back to Him.  He is just a prayer away.  He will grace and strengthen you to replace those things with Himself.  The very grace that Jesus used to complete the work of redemption is available to you today.  He will redeem and restore those places in your life and reposition you as His child.  He’s not sitting on His heavenly throne condemning you, He is running after you with open arms.  Throw those things that are holding you down off and let Him occupy those places in your life. - Love and Blessings, Pastor Jeff