Posted by Jeff Tiemeyer on Jan 07, 2019

Daily Devotionals 1/7-1/12

Monday, January 7

Galatians 1:3 (Passion Translation)
I pray over you a release of the blessings of God’s undeserved kindness and total well-being that flows from our Father - God and from the Lord Jesus.

So many times when people read the Bible they read quickly through what is commonly considered to be a mere greeting and miss the promise that is lying within. Paul began His letter to the Galatian church as well as many other churches, by saying ‘grace and peace’. In doing so, He wasn’t just trying to bid them a good day or greet them with a simple hello. He was reminding them that they were children of the most High God and that because of Jesus’ blood sacrifice that they could and should be experiencing life to the fullest measure. Too many times, believers settle for the scraps that life tends to offer them as opposed to grabbing hold of the promises that come from God’s endless grace that brings peace with Him. While life can and will bring its share of difficultly and trials, these things do not change the fact that the Kingdom and all of its benefits are open to those who would seek to obtain them. Your Father is not broke or stingy. He proved that by sending His Son. He has ample supply and He has given you complete and unhindered access to it. You honor the sacrifice He made by walking every blessing and promise that He died to make available to you. - Love and Blessings, Pastor Jeff.

Tuesday, January 8

Galatians 1:6-7
6 I am shocked over how quickly you have strayed away from the Anointed One who called you to himself by his loving mercy. I’m frankly astounded that you now embrace a distorted gospel! 7 That is a fake “gospel” that is simply not true. There is only one gospel—the gospel of the Messiah! Yet you have allowed those who mingle law with grace to confuse you with lies.

Did you know that God takes it personally when you don’t receive the blessings, or expressions of grace that He has made available to you? Since the very beginning, the enemy has infiltrated the Church with lies that accompany religion which say that God corrects His children by withholding from them the very things that Jesus died to give them. Look at it like this. When you invite someone over for a meal, what do you expect them to do when they get to your home? Eat, of course. After all, you didn’t spend all of that time cooking, cleaning and preparing for them to walk in and not enjoy what you worked so hard to provide for them. You would be insulted if they said that they had already eaten or simply refused to sit down at your table. God has done that very thing. He spent thousands of years working out a plan of redemption and very few people will do more with it than simply look forward to not going to hell. Many people have accepted His invitation to the banquet but very few have taken their place at the table to partake of the good things He has prepared for them. Don’t allow the lies of religion keep you from walking in the grace that He has provided. Healing, prosperity, wholeness, and every other blessing are set before you.- Love and Blessings, Pastor Jeff.

Wednesday, January 9

Galatians 1:15 (Passion Translation)
But then God called me by his grace; and in love, he chose me from my birth to be his.

Paul, the writer of 2/3 of the New Testament, once persecuted the Church with great passion and zeal. In spite of all he had done to destroy what God was doing, God never removed the call that He had put on Paul’s life. None of the floggings, stonings, or arrests that he had inflicted upon the believers of that day disqualified him in God’s eyes. That same grace is upon your life today. The very thing that the Lord has called you to from the beginning of creation is still in effect over your life, no matter what your past mistakes may try to tell you. What happened in the past holds no bearing on your future other than what you allow it to. The longer you allow it to stay buried in the the graveyard of your failures the less likely you’ll be to let God resurrect it. The very grace that brought Jesus back from the grave, is the same grace that will enable you step into and walk out the calling that He has placed on your life. There is a call of God upon your life that someone else’s life is depending upon. The time for guilt and excuses is over. God see past your failures, to your potential and it’s time you allowed Him to show you what He sees. - Love and Blessings, Pastor Jeff.

Thursday, January 10

Galatians 1:23-24 (Passion Translation)
23 The only thing they heard about me was this: “Our former enemy, who once brutally persecuted us, is now preaching the good news of the faith that he was once obsessed with destroying!” 24 Because of the transformation that took place in my life, they praised God even more!

One of the biggest hinderances to people overcoming their pasts is other people. Countless times, people who have had an encounter with the saving and delivering power of Jesus, walk into a church building only to be shunned by those who should be celebrating them. While Paul had been terrorizing the church relentlessly, the very people he had been persecuting, accepted him and eventually his ministry. The Church was established to welcome those who needed encouragement and healing, not to filter them out. The fact that the believers of Paul’s day accepted and empowered him is the reason why he ultimately became who he was in the Kingdom. How many potential evangelists, pastors, and teachers have never stepped into the place God had ordained for them because they were shunned by the church. True believers celebrate transformation, not only in themselves but in others as well. - Love and Blessings, Pastor Jeff.

Friday, January 11

Galatians 2:21 (Passion Translation)
“So that is why I don’t view God’s grace as something minor or peripheral. For if keeping the law could release God’s righteousness to us, the Anointed One would have died for nothing.”

Grace is big deal. Without grace, there is no hope of any kind. The grace of God is what sent Jesus to the earth. The grace of God is what empowered Him to perform the miraculous while He was here. That same grace is what enabled Him to live a sinless life for 33 years. Finally, it was that beautiful grace that put Him on the cross for the sins of all mankind. But, the most amazing and beautiful aspect that grace is that it has been imparted to you! Jesus didn’t just come to show off the grace that was on His life, He came to give an example what being empowered by that grace looked like. When you understand and learn to rely upon that grace, you will receive the revelation that it will empower you just like it did Jesus. Not just save you, but empower and propel you into the life that you always knew you could live. What areas in your life are you struggling or frustrated in? Submit them to God and ask for a fresh impartation of His grace that will enable to see victory and success in them. - Love and Blessings, Pastor Jeff

Saturday, January 12

Galatians 1:11-12 (Passion Translation)
11 Beloved ones, let me say emphatically that the gospel entrusted to me was not given to me by any man. 12 No one taught me this revelation, for it was given to me directly by the unveiling of Jesus the Anointed One.

When was the last time that you heard from God? What is the latest scripture that you received revelation from the Holy Spirit about? Not from a sermon or speaker, but directly from the Holy Spirit Himself? Sadly, for many believers, their way of hearing from God is limited to what they hear from a pastor or other ‘spiritual authority’. While these people have their place, it is not to be in God’s place. Everyone should have people who speak into their lives to encourage them and keep them accountable. But, there is a big difference in accountability and dependence. Placing your dependence on anyone other than the Lord Himself, makes you guilty of idolatry. God has specific and crucial words that He wants speak directly into your life and not run through the filter of someone else’s interpretation. The same Spirit that speaks to them is the same Spirit who wants to speak to you. When the veil was torn, the Holy Spirit was once again able to live in the hearts of God’s people. It was never His intention for that veil to be replaced in your life by a person. Are you allowing Him to have direct communication with you? Or are you depending on what someone else is hearing? - Love and Blessings, Pastor Jeff