DNA - Eyes Open

Posted by Jeff Tiemeyer on Apr 27, 2017

DNA - Eyes Open Sermon Discussion It’s hard to believe, but we are down to our last home meeting for the Spring. Next week we will meet at TWBC with the other groups for our finale. So, before we get into discussing today’s... Read More

DNA - Faith in Motion

Posted by Jeff Tiemeyer on Apr 23, 2017

Sermon Discussion On Easter Sunday we began a new series entitled DNA through which Pastor Joel is going to explain just exactly what TWBC is at it’s core. He went on to say that the principles he’ll be speaking on are more than just... Read More

Power On - In Review

Posted by Jeff Tiemeyer on Apr 09, 2017

Sermon Discussion The Power On Series has definitely been impactful and eye opening. Let’s look back at these six messages and talk about the high points. ‘Power On’ -Vacuum Illustration…The church must realize we are... Read More

Power On - REACHing Home

Posted by Jeff Tiemeyer on Apr 02, 2017

Sermon Discussion As we begin today’s discussion we need to clarify one thing. This message, while being about children, is applicable to any dream, vision, or calling God has given you. Anything He ‘births’ in you He has given... Read More